Painting Eggs

Боядисване на яйцаThree days before Easter, with the children from Don Bosko Center we painted eggs. The kids could choose among several creative ways of painting. We want to help them develop more artistic sense.

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In the Fire Department

В пожарната Стара ЗагораDuring the summer holiday Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation organized several educational visits for the children and youths from Don Bosko Center. On April 7th with some of them we visited the regional fire department.

Several firefighters explained us what to do in a case of fire and showed us their equipment. The children had the possibility to hold in their hands some of the equipment and to spray with a fire hose, like in a real case of fire.

The purpose of this event was the children to know more about one useful profession.

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Winter Camp for Girls

On February 20th-22nd we had a winter camp for girls in the coastal city of Burgas. We were in the base of the fathers Capuchins. The topic of the camp wаs „Moses“.


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Winter Camp for Boys

3On February 6th-8th we had a camp for boys in Burgas. The topic of the camp was “Moses”. Our animator Isus Krasimirov from Stara Zagora was is the role of Moses during the games.

12There was one moment when the boys had to go to the sea on the pier. There they found Moses who told them his story. The sea itself helped a lot in representing the story about the parting of the Red Sea. The waves were enormously big. Their heights were dozens of meters height when reached the beach. No one of us has ever seen such a thing.

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On a Zoo

На зоопаркFor the coming holidays, on February 28th  we went with the Roma children form the Don Bosco Center to the zoo in Stara Zagora. Knowing animals better was a good wаy for iмprovеment of the general knowledge of the kids and a good possibility to have a pleasant time together outdoors.

На зоопаркНа зоопаркНа зоопаркНа зоопаркНа зоопарк

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Shopping with Points

Shopping with PointsOn September 13th the children and youths form the Don Bosko Center in the Roma district of Stara Zagora had the possibility to buy different things with the collected points during the year. Those who were more present and diligent in the activities earned more points. The points are a good method for motivation which we have successfully applied for several years.Shopping with PointsиShopping with PointsShopping with Points

The children could buy different things that they need for school – notebooks, sketchbooks etc., also plush toys and some yummy things.

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Rewards for the Best Performers 2014

Rewards for the Best Performers 2014On 9th August we rewarded our most diligent students in Don Bosko Center.

Every year we give special rewards to the 10 students who earned most points during the year.

Our main method for motivation and punishment is points. The students in the Don Bosko Center earn them for participation and efforts in the study-room and the workshops, but they can also lose some points for bad behaviour. These points also work as credits. With them the students “buy” some privileges. They are significant discount for the price of the summer and winter camps, they may be enough for paying travel costs for excursions.

Rewards for the Best Performers 2014Rewards for the Best Performers 2014

Here are the first names of the first 7 winners for this year:

  1. Amdie A.
  2. Toni Zh..
  3. Mariya Zh.
  4. Slavcho F.
  5. Iliya K.
  6. Zyubyulka E.
  7. Veselin G.

Configurations to the winners!

Rewards for the Best Performers 2014Rewards for the Best Performers 2014Rewards for the Best Performers 2014

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Summer Camp for Boys 2014

Summer Camp for Boys 2014From July 28th to August August 2nd was the summer camp for boys from the Roma districts of Stara Zagora and Kazanlak. The place was the town of Hisar. The participants were 8 boys – 4 boys from Stara Zagora and 4 from Kazanlak. The topic of the camp was the story of Noah.

During three of the days we were on a swimming pool. We visited the museum house of the Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski and the waterfall “Suchurum” near the town of Karlovo.

Summer Camp for Boys 2014Summer Camp for Boys 2014One of the most interesting experiencing for the boys was cooking on a gas stove in the nature.

There was also a tournament with “swords”.

The stage game about Noah finished during the last night with a night game.

Karel Svoboda

Summer Camp for Boys 2014Летен лагер за момчета 2014

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Summer Camp for Girls 2014

Summer Camp for Girls 2014On July 21st-26th was the summer camp for girls form the Roma district in Stara Zagora – “Lozenets”. The place of the camp was the beautiful district “Miromir” in the town of Hisar.

The participants in the camp were twelve. The topics were connected with the family and the stage games – with the Bible story of Noah.

Summer Camp for Girls 2014Summer Camp for Girls 2014During one of the days a family couple married for 37 years was our guest. The girls could ask them different questions about family issues.

One of our activities was to collect plants and to make herbaria. They were used for creating greeting cards. We also made doves from clay.

During another days we had an excursion to the town of Karlovo where we visited the house of Vasil Levski, a national hero. We also went to the waterfall near Karlovo “Suchurum”. We also had time to browse Hisar itself. We went to a swimming pool three times.

Summer Camp for Girls 2014Summer Camp for Girls 2014The girls we very active in cooking.

The last fun evening was titled “Noah seeks talent”. Then the girls were singing, playing some musical instruments and dancing.

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A Football Tournament

Футболен турнир между Стара Загора, Казанлък и с. КалитиновоOn June 14th Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation organized a football tournament in Kazanlak. Three teams were competing – from Stara Zagora, Kazanlak and the village of Kalitinovo, near Stara Zagora. The players are also participants in the activities in the Don Bosko Centers in the three places. The winner was the team of Kalitinovo.

Футболен турнир между Стара Загора, Казанлък и с. Калитиново

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