Summer Camp for Girls 2014

Summer Camp for Girls 2014On July 21st-26th was the summer camp for girls form the Roma district in Stara Zagora – “Lozenets”. The place of the camp was the beautiful district “Miromir” in the town of Hisar.

The participants in the camp were twelve. The topics were connected with the family and the stage games – with the Bible story of Noah.

Summer Camp for Girls 2014Summer Camp for Girls 2014During one of the days a family couple married for 37 years was our guest. The girls could ask them different questions about family issues.

One of our activities was to collect plants and to make herbaria. They were used for creating greeting cards. We also made doves from clay.

During another days we had an excursion to the town of Karlovo where we visited the house of Vasil Levski, a national hero. We also went to the waterfall near Karlovo “Suchurum”. We also had time to browse Hisar itself. We went to a swimming pool three times.

Summer Camp for Girls 2014Summer Camp for Girls 2014The girls we very active in cooking.

The last fun evening was titled “Noah seeks talent”. Then the girls were singing, playing some musical instruments and dancing.

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