Masked Ball

On April 21st, a day after Easter, we had a masked ball with the children from the Don Bosko Center, organized by the EVS volunteers Magdalena Braunerova and Jana Petruhova. The masks were made by the kids themselves. There were dances, competitions, awards, treat and many smiles.

Spring Holiday

For the spring holiday the EVS volunteers Jana and Magdalena organized a series of entertaining and educative events for the kids from the Don Bosco Center in the Roma district of Stara Zagora. The first one was a zoo on April 2nd. During the next two days we visited the Regional Museum of History and had time for games in the “Ayazmoto” park in Stara Zagora.

An Excursion to Sofia

Екскурзия до СофияAs an encouragement for the interest and the achievements of several of the children attending the Don Bosko Center, we brought them to an excursion to Sofia. It was organized by the EVS volunteer Jana Petruhova. We visited many places which were interesting for the kids.Екскурзия до София

Football Tournament meeting of the teams of Kazanlak and Kalitinovo

Футболен турнир между Казанлък и КалитиновоOn March 30th There was a football meeting in Kazanlak. The competitors were the teams of the Roma boys with whom the Salesians work in Kazanlak and in the village of Kalitinovo.

We took nine boys from Kalitinovo for the match. The final result was 6:0 for Kazanlak.

On the Palm Sunday there was a rematch, but the team of Kazanlak won again, this time 4:0.

Soon there will be a similar tournament, this time the competitors will be three – the teams of Kazanlak, Kalitinovo and Stara Zagora.

Футболна среща между Казанлък и Калитиново

Animators’ Meeting for Planning the Summer Camps

Подготовка на летните лагериOn March 14th-16th we had a meeting for planning the summer camps in 2014. About 15 animators gathered in Kazanlak.

The camps will have as a headline “Family”. The animators prepared the whole program – the talks, games, responsibilities, etc.

Part of the meeting was a tour to the ancient Tracian sanctuary and observatory Megalita near Kazanlak.

Подготовка на летните лагериПодготовка на летните лагери

Winter Camp for Girls 2014

Зимен лагер за момичета 2014 Адам и ЕваOn February 21 to 23 Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation performed a winter camp also for the girls from the Roma district. The place of the camp was the monastery of the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor in the seaside city of Burgas.

We were 11 girls and 7 adults who cared for them. The topic of the camp was “Family”. On Friday we made a play about Adam and Eve. On Saturday we played a game “Women’s features”. We put on test our patience and compassion. Another game was about managing our budget.

The most pleasant time for the girls was at the coast. We looked for shells. On Sunday was the last game about Adam and Eve. They gave to the girls cards for a keepsake.

Зимен лагер за момичета 2014 Адам и ЕваЗимен лагер за момичета 2014 Адам и ЕваЗимен лагер за момичета 2014 Адам и Ева

Photoalbum from the winter camp

Winter Camp “Adam and Eve”

Зимен лагер за момчета История за Адам и ЕваFrom 7th to 9th of February Don Bosco Bulgaria Foundation performed a winter camp for Roma boys from Stara Zagora and Kazanlak. They went to the city of Burgas into the monastery of the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor, near the sea. The topic of the camp was “Adam and Eve”. Through games about this Biblical story, the kids were thought to moral principles like obedience, excuse, forgiveness…

In Friday the guys fell into temptation. It was forbidden one box to be opened, but they violated this. Therefore, they were expelled from the monastery. They had to take all of their baggage and disappointed to go to the van and to go home. Then they said that they would wish to see the sea. There they met Adam and Eve who told that they had similar unfortunate story in the Paradise because of their disobedience.

Зимен лагер в Бургас "История за Адам и Ева"Зимен лагер в Бургас "История за Адам и Ева"Зимен лагер в Бургас "История за Адам и Ева"

Adam and Eve decided to help the boys. They had to make a present, to go back to the monastery and to ask for one more chance. The boys did it and were accepted again.

In the rest of the weekend there were many games, prepared by volunteers. The topics of the games were about the family life.

The biggest attraction for the boys was the sea.

In Sunday we said goodbye to Adam and Eve and drove away.

Jana Petruhova

Photoalbum for the camp

Christmas Celebration 2013


On December the 23th in the afternoon Don Bosko Bulgaria foundation organized a Christmas celebration for the children from the Romanie district in Stara Zagora. The main participants in the program were the children themselves.

The program began with songs of the vocal band “Snezhinka” (Snowflake). It was followed by a play about the birth of Jesus Christ. There were also poems, songs and three competitions: gift wrapping, cutting and decoration of snowflakes and a competition “Dress Santa Claus”.

Solemnly awarded were the best students in the center for children and youths. Santa Claus and Cinderella came at the end and gave gifts for every kid.


Team building meeting in Kazanlak

Среща на екипа на фондация "Дон Боско България" в КазанлъкOn November 12th in Kazanlak the team of the Don Bosko Foundation gathered for a team building meeting. It was in the office of our brunch in Kazanlak. The topic of the meeting was “Don Bosko’s pedagogy”. We had several talks and a little excursion to the memorial temple in the town of Shipka.

Среща на екипа на фондация "Дон Боско България" в КазанлъкСреща на екипа на фондация "Дон Боско България" в КазанлъкСреща на екипа на фондация "Дон Боско България" в Казанлък

New EVS Volunteers

Аня, Карол, Магда

Jana, Karol, Magda

In October three new volunteers came fo our foundation from the Czech Republic for a year. They are here for the project “Youths for Youths, Youth in Action Programme.

Two of them – the girls Jana and Magda – are in Stara Zagora, where in the Romany District “Lozenets” they will care after the children and youths who the Don Bosco Foundation work with. The thrird one volunteer – Karel cooperates with the brunch of Don Bosco in Kazanlak.

Jana Petruhova is from the village of Vnorovy in South-Eastern Czech, near the border with Slovakia. She is 25, a Pedagogist. Jana is the third member of her family who comes to work with the children and youths in the Romany district of Stara Zagora for a project of the European Volunteer Service. Before her there were her brother Lukas and her sister Monika.

Magdalena Braunerova is 22 from Brno. She is graduated in Czech philology and media.

Karel Svoboda is from the vilage of Žatčany, about 16 km. South-East from Brno. He is 23, a graduate in polygraphy.

During the week the three volunteers work in the two brunches of the foundation, but in Friday they are all togather in our center in the Romany district in Stara Zagora. At the moment they are all advancing in studying Bulgarian. We will continue informing you about their activity with the Roma children and youths.