Center for Children and Youth

Our center could be attended by all young people, from all religions and social statuses. The purpose of the center is not only for social work or entertainment for the youth people, but also to help them create a place that they feel as their own. We have for main interests that we describe with 4 institutions:

  1. Home
  2. School
  3. Playground
  4. Church

Why home? It is a place, where children and youth feel god and consider as their own. There they find people, which communicate with them, help them and to certain extent compensate what is missing in the life and family of the kids and youths. This place also teaches them to a tolerance and responsibility.

Why school? In the study-room, the workshops and courses in which the kids and youths are involved, they gain new knowledge, skills, and abilities. The new abilities are connected with the aria of ethics, Christian values, the Bible, the faith in God and Jesus Christ etc.

Why playground? We help for creation of new relations, found on more qualitative base. Through games, entertainments, programs and sport, we teach the children and youths how to communicate with each other, to cooperate, to develop logical thinking and rule of thumb. Also the games teach them how to use up their energy, to learn thinking in order and rules and to have better personal boundaries.

Why Church? We also wish they to have personal relations with Jesus Christ and their Savor, because we believe that our live here is temporal, but not the end of our existence. Therefore we respect their right to have or choose religion, but if they wish, we attempt to show them new horizons.

In the center we offer:

You can also see our work methods.