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Name of the project: “For a better chance”

Sending Organization: Salesian Association of Don Bosco, SADBA

Hosting Organization: Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation

Short description of the project:

The project “For a better chance” aims the enrichment of the social and practical skills of children and y oung people, who are visitinting the Center for social rehabilitation and integration of Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation, in the Romany district “Lozenec”, town of Stara Zagora, by joining to the occupations in the fine- and applied-art workshop, the group for girls over 11 years and the study-room of two volunteers from the Czech Republic. Their 10 month presence in the Center for social rehabilitation and integration will give assistance to the Romany children and young people in accumulation of knowledges, will make their integration easier, because their social experience will be enriched and their initiatives will be encouraged. The spontaneity and creativity are qualitie s that we will aim to save and to “raise” .

T he volunteers will have the opportunity to give ideas for new workshops and to lead and organize them.

They will take part in the meetings of the teem of the center and the week-planing.

The occupations in the Center are happening in the free time of the Romany children and young people, that’s why they are helping the prevention of criminal acts, of droping out of the school, of prostitution and too early pregnancy.

Besides the taking part in the workshops, the volunteers will have the task to animate the free time of the children and young people with different games and activities in the open air, as well as to assist the organizing and holding the summer camps with them. As a part from the team the volunteers will give a hand in the keeping and cleaning the material base. Naturally they will study Bulgarian and will contact very activly with the Bulgarian volunteers, who work in the Center.

The volunteers, that we choose to host, have experience in the work with children and young people. In the Czech Republic they have worked as volunteers in NGO’s on educational programms and they have taken part in summer camps. They have helped children with the school material.

The project will start on the 01.09.2010 and will end on the 31.08.2011.