Study Room

Often in Bulgaria we think that the people from Roma quarters are not interested in education. Often they don’t send their children to school or their children are not as good students as the others. It seems to be hopeless.

About an year ago we begun our study-room. It is in the very center of “Lozenets” – the Roma quarter in Stara Zagora, next to two of the big schools in Stara Zagora. Though the education in the study-room is for free and voluntary, we achieve what the other schools most often are not able toward the Roma children – a vivid interest.

In the study-room the kids do their homework given in their schools and study their lessons. But we are also very concerned about the gaps in their knowledge. The education is individual, according to the need of every kid. A few of the kids have never been to school and our study-room is the only one source of education for them. For now they could not match the others, but their advantage is most visible.

The classes are from Tuesday to Friday and the duration is two hours. The last half hour is a time for educational and entertaining games. The kids that regularly come to the study-room is about 30. They are divided to several groups. The interest for the study-room is also because of the workshops that we carry out in different time.

We see more and more clear that the lack of interest for education in these kids and the gap of their education are corrigible.