Thematic Games

We often consider as a moral lesson to teach our children what is good or evil, right or wrong and try to show them, and to set an example. But for many of the hooligan deeds there is one main reason – boredom. Combined with inappropriate group, it could lead to unexpected bad results in generally good kids.

The best way to manage with boredom has always been only one – games. In our organization we practice what we call thematic games. After we talk about some moral or other type useful topic, we select a game, which could be connected with the topic as its extension. Thus the children learn by playing. They spend their time full of value and use up their energy for “peace purposes”

Every game includes some of the following aspects:

  • practices skills, needed in our live;
  • develops body and spirit;
  • develops quickness, dexterity, power, endurance;
  • intensifies our vigilance, sharpens our senses;
  • renews our psychical and physical power;
  • develops our imagination;
  • gives possibility for self-realization;
  • gives possibility to relax and use up the surplus energy
  • gives a motivation in our live.

No one hooligan deed could give as much pleasure to a kid as a good game with others. No one educational method will achieve as much as games themselves.